Crystal is a former member of the Animalian Junta. She is a torturer at the Trebdanek concentration camp and Shere Khan 's girlfriend


She is an anthropomorphic Bengal Tigress who is another distinguishable member at Trebdanek. She does wear a short sleeved blouse but it is a light green blouse and like Hannah she is another senior guard at Trebdanek because she is the girlfriend of another senior member as is Hannah. Crystal wears a short sleeved light green blouse, a dark green knee length skirt, a dark green jacket, black leather gloves and black boots. She also carries a whip. Crystal wears boots during her Junta years but goes barefoot in prison.


Crystal is shown to be just as cruel as Shere Khan but is slightly less fearsome than him but is still fearsome. She also acts like a bully to most prisoners and most of the time she walks around the camp wearing a belt worn very tightly across her waist and if anyone looks at her she whips them. Unlike other guards like AbigailMaria and Phoebe Crystal does not reside in the women's barrack. Instead being the girlfriend of a higher ranking guard at Trebdanek she stays with Shere Khan like Hannah stays with the Sheriff of Nottingham though both do interact with the other females at the camp.

Crystal is also a distinguishable character in the sense she is one of few characters to have a liking with a guard higher up than her as she has a friendship with Hannah and also acts as her second leader when the dictatorship falls. Also despite the character she is Crystal's voice is relatively soft and child like.


She tries to persuade Hannah to leave before the Animalian Patriotic Front get to the camp but Hannah is determined to be the last one to leave and ultimately Crystal is captured with the other guards in Hannah's group. Crystal is then sentenced to ten  years in prison and after completing her sentence she and the other prisoners are pardoned by Hunter much to the dismay of the former Animalian politician Oswald. Today Crystal resides in Animalia.

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