Dabroniega or Dabro as she is known is a former Animalian dissident and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Culpeo fox who serves as the secondary leader of the dissidents in Lydia's absence and alongside Tanya wears extravagant clothing for a dissdent but more serious clothing than her. In this case she wears a white blouse, a black knee length skirt, standard coloured tights, a grey or white sometimes black fur coat, black leather gloves and high heels but sometimes she wears character shoes. But when she and the A.M.S are rewarded by the Fox Junta she replaces her shoes with sandals.


Alongside Tanya Dabroniega is considered the most extravagant dissident in the A.M.S and unlike her ally rarely interacts with prisoners but does so more than Lydia does. She is also said to be quite an operatic singer and to be very patriotic declaring at a speech "Bor'ba na etot raz za nashu svobodu . Bor'ba na etot raz na osen' nashey khunty!" translating as "The struggle this time is for our freedom. The struggle this time is for our Junta's fall!" and is shown to be eventually fiercely strong-willed at another speech she makes.

It could be argued that she views Roberto in quite a heroic light and is the one who cultivates a cult of personality like admiration for the A.M.S's allies but also a very simple one the exception being Junta children but has portraits of them hung up even those of the Junta babies. Unlike Lydia Dabroniega appreciates the high life and it is this that manages to get her into the A.N.S.U un-noticed like a chameleon but at the same time she loves adventure and thrill and like many older Junta girls is quite a flexible dancer, though she condemns executions shown under the A.M.S and their enemies she often introduces some of them. In fact about 10 executions of prisoners by firing squad trace back to the A.M.S and Dabroniega's orders. She often compares most if not all the Junta's militias to the Taliban because of their gross abuses of animal rights and their violent nature. Though she never surrenders she only surrenders herself at gunpoint.


Dabroniega is one of the most active members of the A.M.S right through to it's defeat at the hands of the Animalian Junta. Under her and many others command the A.M.S participates also in the Animalian Civil War which the A.M.S are forced to retreat from but ultimately sees active service in the last war against the Junta which leads to her arrest and imprisonment until the end of the Junta years when she is released by the A.P.F. Under the new government the A.M.S is rehabilitated and Dabroniega with them, all are later rewarded by the Fox Junta for the fight they put up against Mechanikat.

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