Dace is a Latvian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Valdis and the mother of Laimdota.


Much like the Austrian vixen Herta and the Polish vixen Anna she is often mistaken to be of a different nationality as she has the same colour scheme as both Herta and Anna except Dace's fur has a darker red tinge to it. In her first appearance Dace is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga whilst her daughter wears more modern clothing she and her husband wear more old style clothing. In this case Dace wears a black and white checked blouse, a long black skirt and black character shoes. She speaks English, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian.


Dace is shown to be a good mother to Laimdota and matches virtually every criteria that the other vixens in the Junta who have children have, she loves her daughter, she understands her and she is a very motherly, loving character. She is also comforting and is shown comforting her daughter after a nightmare she has. During her time in Argentina her strength doubles the amount of strength she usually has in battle as she is shown to be a very loud singer, even with a song that first has the tune of Panteleimon's country's anthem (Kazakhstan) and the tune of Babrak's country's anthem (Afghanistan) later on.

Her daughter says that on stage and in battle Dace just doesn't act like a Suffragette she Is a suffragette as she is very militant and aggressive going as far to use firebombs in her attacks against the Animalian Union. She also believes the tune of the anthem of Afghanistan to be a fighting song but also considers many other songs to be fighting ones  as well but even though Skimbleshanks is not a fighting song she sings it loudly and enjoys Ilham's piano playing. Whilst she accuses Babrak and Hafizullah of misogyny Dace often accuses Saddam and many Arab dogs of terrorism and it is this that Saddam accuses her of judging a book by it's cover from previous experience. Nonetheless Dace eventually regrets her statements against the dogs and develops friendships with them.

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