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The new daleks

The Daleks are a fictional Extraterrestrial race of mutants in the science fiction series Doctor Who.

They are an extraterrestrial race of cyborgs created by the scientist Davros during the final years of a thousand-year war against the Thals. He genetically modified his race (known as the Kaleds), and integrated them with a tank-like, robotic, mechanical shell. His final modification was to remove their ability to feel pity, compassion, or remorse.

The Daleks soon came to view themselves as the supreme race in the universe and began a conquest of universal domination and extermination.They are popularly known for their catchphrase "Exterminate!" and are a well-recognised reference in British popular culture.

In stark contrast to the Cybermen and the Autons, the Daleks have remained the same through their history, much like the Godzilla villain King Ghidorah.


Despite the fact the Daleks do not have a centre role in the Anthro Saga and instead are far more prominent in the Surgeon stories, they act as half of the secret police during the Military dictatorship of Animalia alongside the Cybermen. They are part the Animalian Junta but report to a Supreme Dalek but unlike in the series there are several different types of Supreme Dalek which are distinguishable through larger lights, gold, red or black armor or anything else that would distinguish the Supreme from the normal Dalek.

Alongside the Cybermen the Daleks are part of suppressing dissent in Animalia and take part in the first Animalian coup, the Night of the Thieves, the Animalian Civil War, the Animalian Genocide and the second Animalian coup where they are ultimately destroyed. However the Junta police is the main active police force in Mechanikat's Animalia whilst the Cybermen and the Daleks operate from the shadows.

At the Animalian Dictatorship Museum various Dalek statues are also on display alongside many statues of the Cybermen.

Even though the Daleks do not appear in the Anthro Saga they are referenced in literature such as Search for the Sword where Maid Marian is described as having enough holes in her dress for her to be a Dalek and after Red makes a raving speech in The King of Hell having sent Belladonna to Earth he attracts the attention of his wife who tells him:

"You sound exactly like a Dalek if they ever existed. I LOVE IT!"
It is also the references to the Daleks in animal stories such as Search for the Sword and their appearances in the Surgeon stories with their more recent appearance being Land of the Two Foes that makes them a trans wiki article alongside Bounder, Ranger, King Ghidorah and the Cybermen as the Daleks also appear on the second untermation wiki.

Supreme daleks shown in the Anthro Saga

Dalek leaders in the Anthro Saga. These Daleks report to a Supreme Dalek

Daleks involved in the Anthro Saga

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