Daniel is a former Tyrannian soldier and former member of the Animalian Junta.


He is an anthropomorphic hyena and is part of a kidnapping squad consisting of himself, his partner Rhys, Stevie and Greg. He wears similar style clothing to the Czech fox Alexander and the Bosnian fox Miroslav which consists of a black polo shirt and military style trousers but he still goes barefoot. Like Stevie Daniel also wears dog tags and despite the fact they are neck wear Mechanikat does not confiscate them as "inappropriate" and also at the same time Daniel also is one of few to wear jewelry as he wears a digital watch.


Arguably Daniel is the most difficult male soldier in the Junta. One minute he can a joker and likes a good laugh and the next minute he can be the most dangerous foe in Animalia. Despite the fact though he has a joker personality Mechanikat enjoys this and alongside the female guards at the Junta concentration camps Trebdanek and Majlinka Daniel and his partners Rhys, Stevie and Greg are selected to entertain.

He is also an ace propagandist and suggests using propaganda to spread hate through Animalia for Animalians to hate the previous government but Mechanikat refuses saying "This is Animalia. Not Yugoslavia or any other country using propaganda" to which Emily adds "Have you seen what the propagandists use? We may be a Junta and may be killing left, right and center but we are not barbarians who's actions need to be justified by things like this. Look at most Junta's. Did they use propaganda?"

Daniel's entertaining quality also comes in when much like Arnold he also does an impresison of the Green Goblin when performing to a Junta audience. This impression later becomes a source of fear for the Junta babies as he also appears in their nightmares as well as their mother Lucia and their father Fructuoso but the effect that Daniel has on Fructuoso does not affect him.


During the Night of the Thieves Daniel participates in storming the presidential palace with Rhys who both kidnap Nala and send her to Majlinka. She is later sent to Ashtiago Women's Prison serving as a torturer. At the end of the Junta years he flees Animalia to Chile but is extradited to Animalia where he is sentenced to a year in prison. He currently lives in Animalia and his entertaining qualities often make him a stand up comedian.

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