Darina is a former Animalian dissident and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Scandinavian Grey Wolf who is just as active in reconassiance as many other dissidents who act as the A.M.S's secret agent service. In her A.M.S service she wears a black and purple rubber bodysuit like a wetsuit with a white "D" on her arm and black rubber gloves whilst on Flight 103 she wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a white, red and black striped scarf, a blue jacket, standard coloured tights, black leather gloves and high heels.


Alongside Radana Darina serves Romana very well but also serves Aliya and Lydia well as well. She is also well known because of her treatment of Radana and Romana treating them like sisters, like a few others she is also a superb driver much better in the words of many older children than members of the N.P.P though the exception of this is Maximiliano, like others she is relatively seductive but like many of her own allies is often compared to a terrorist because of her un-predictable nature.

Unlike most A.M.S members she does not want to capture higher up Animalian Junta members but it does not make her sympathetic because she wants to capture "common" enemies. She says the reason for this is because "You kidnap someone and you'll get a swarm of their allies coming for you.", she is also well known for her patriotism seeing the A.M.S leaders as saviours. Though she eventually does Darina wants to see more dogs in the A.M.S which eventually happens, like others she remains staunchly proud of what the A.M.S has accomplished to the end but acknowledges no defeat.


During her time in the A.M.S Darina oversees plenty of successful assassinations carried out by the A.M.S and under Tatyana's command she is also one of those who strongly agrees to backing the Road Rovers in the Animalian Civil War which ultimately leads to the Junta's victory, the Rovers being disbanded and proscribed and it's members interred. But in the end the A.M.S keeps up the fight which leads to it's ultimate defeat in the war, it disbandment and proscription with the interment/imprisonment of it's members until the second Animalian coup which topples the Junta and leads to the release of former political prisoners which includes the A.M.S, the re-establishment of many groups originally proscribed which involves the A.M.S, the arrest and imprisonment of many members of the Junta and their allies and collaborators though some of them flee whilst others kill themselves and the restoration of democracy to Animalia. For her efforts Darina is also rewarded with the rest of the A.M.S by Roberto and the Fox Junta for her efforts against the dictatorship.

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