Dawood is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after Indian crime boss Dawood Ibrahim


He is an anthropomorphic Chippiparai who is shown to wear much more professional clothing compared to other members of the organization in their soldier days. In his soldier days he wears traditional Indian army clothing with a bandana across his face particularly in Asia and in battle but in his government time he wears a light blue shirt, a grey jacket, grey trousers and a light green tie.


Compared to Bikram who is more savage and brutal Dawood is more "business like" but is just as aggressive as his ally. But he is just as brutal as him but despite being the Niju to Pranab's Nava he still respects Pranab, he can be tolerable but also very threatening at first to Fructuoso saying "Please, don't threaten me with violence friend. My colleague here is a second Dan in karate" as well as this he is also very xenophobic which dies down with time and eventually dies in his government time.

Much like Anwar and Tahia he is very skilled at organized crime and torture which comes to show during his torture of Siad when he breaks a bottle and threatens Siad with it lunging at him like a fencer. Behind his violence and aggression though he is rather friendly off the battlefield and also enjoys watching the Junta babies even though he does scare them. Despite his statement to their father Fructuoso does also come to forgive Dawood and he is much more "business like" in his government time.

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