Defenders of Earth
Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe and Russia, the primary locations of the series
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Author Unknown
Illustrator None
Published on Unknown
Published by The wiki founder
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Invasion of the Reptiles The Mammal Wars

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Defenders of Earth is a monster series written by the wiki founder and is the first monster series written on the wiki alongside its spin off The Mammal Wars, both of which are involved in the Timeline of World History which links all of the wiki founder's writings in one chronology except for the Surgeon stories.

But the series could also be classed as science fiction and fantasy to an extent and alongside The Mammal Wars is the first piece of literature to be a trans wiki article as it appears on this wiki and the second untermation wiki.

While it is a series, Defender of Earth is the first series not to include the word in front of it like the Cold War II series or the World War X series. In addition, it is the only series in which its characters and its spin-off are trans wiki articles.

Story line

The series takes place first in Bulgaria in the 51st Century during the last restoration of peace following World War VIII. In this series, the world undergoes a reversal of fortune:

While the West is typically shown to be democratic in the Cold War II series, it is now thrown into chaos and anarchy in this series but it is never visited and while the East is shown to be antagonistic in the form of organizations such as the Alliance of Russia and East Europe, it is now peaceful particularly in Eastern Europe.

However, that does not stop the problem of crime racking the East and in this case the criminals are in the form of the Bulgarian Vixens, one of whom is finishing a robbery. But even though the Vixens carry off several successful heists, they unknowingly release hell on earth when they learn of gold guarded by a dragon in the Bulgarian mountains and in doing so, unleash the dragon known as Firroth on Bulgaria.

Overtime however, Firroth becomes a more heroic character and begins to defend Earth from other dragons such as Inhusrelun and other hostile reptiles, sometimes with the help of other friendly dragons and as well as that, the Vixens are not just based in Bulgaria but are in fact part of a larger organization known as the Eastern Vixens. But attacks from hostile reptiles are the least of anyone's worries:

War is about to start again in the 51st Century as the Eastern Vixens come to learn as a terrorist organization known as PHANTOM is exploiting the conflict, hoping to turn opinion against well intentioned dragons in an attempt to take over the world; it is also revealed that Firroth is also part of a dragon regiment known as the Defenders of Earth who are fighting a war against the Demon Empire led by Nelarth, Lord of the Black and it is the final reptile wars that the series ends on.

Similarities with other stories

Alongside other pieces of literature such as the World War X series, Defenders of Earth shares much in common with other pieces of literature: While it is classed as a science fiction series, it could also be classed as a fantasy series because of the dragons involved. Because of this it is the second fantasy series to be written by the wiki founder alongside Journey of the Vixen.

However, Defenders of Earth is set during a time period on the timeline because it is set during the 51st Century but it has no continuity to other stories such as the Cold War II series or other literature involved in the Timeline. Unlike the Cold War II series which has the Scandinavian Alliance as a recurring antagonist and the Surgeon stories beginning of the revived series which has The Rani as a recurring antagonist, Defenders of Earth has no recurring antagonist.

Like its spin off, Defenders has a similarity to the Surgeon stories because it brings back the Romanian sisterhood and reforms them as the youth section of the Romanian Vixens.

Dragons in the series

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Other antagonists


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Other mutant reptiles:

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Stories in the series

Part 1:

Name Antagonist Synopsis
Stranger of the Past Firroth In the 51st Century, a criminal group known as the Bulgarian Vixens carry out a heist in major Bulgarian cities which are very successful and as a result steal large amounts of money, jewelry and gold.

But when the vixens plan to steal a horde of gold rumored to have been found on the mountains of Bulgaria, all hell breaks loose.

King of the East Tyrath Set three months after Stranger of the Past, a new threat attacks Bulgaria this time for dominion of the country in the form of Tyrath. This is also the only story where Firroth and Tyrath are enemies and makes the first appearance of the Turkish Lionesses, PHANTOM and the Eastern Vixens.
Kilarth Kilarth In the first story in Defenders of Earth that does not feature Firroth, a dragon known as Kilarth is awakened by the Serbian Army in the mountains of the country and now begins to terrorize the country.
Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster Zhakuh An alien hydra known as Zhakuh comes to Earth with intentions to exterminate humanity. There's just three things standing in its way: Firroth, Saphira and Kilarth; the first battle for Earth is on.
Monsters and Girls Sovmulnaar In the last story to Part 1 that does not feature Firroth, two dragons awaken after Zhakuh has been expelled from Earth: Sovmulnaar who awakens to terrorize Earth and Rivelnesh who must defeat him.
Invaders and Wives Sarmeyzmal
Quenth, Destroyer of Men
A villainous dragon known as Sarmeyzmal is awakened in Turkey and captures the female dragon known as Rivelnesh; but he has not come alone for he brings with him another hostile dragon: Quenth, Destroyer of Men. Firroth must defeat them both; and at the price, will be a mate.
Nightmare's Hell Inhusrelun Earth comes under attack from a new threat: Inhusrelun. This story also sees the return of Tyrath and the first appearance of Julmunvu.

Part 2:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
Warlords Nelarth, Lord of the Black The Russian branch of the Eastern Vixens arrives at the right place to see the rise of two dragon warlords: Venia, Lord of the Skies, the Dragon lord who is in charge of a faction that Firroth and his allies eventually come to join and an ally of Venia, Nighith, Lord of the Blue.

But also awakened is Venia's rival, Nelarth, Lord of the Black and the leader of a dark dragon faction which Firroth's enemies such as Sarmeyzmal eventually come to join. The exceptions to this are Inhusrelun, Invincible and Zulodam

The Eternal Lizard Eternula Zakuh may have been banished from Earth, but a new threat emerges in the form of Firroth's most difficult foe alongside the other Hydras: Eternula, the eternal Komodo Dragon.
Dreams and Nightmares Mesanth the Dark Ukraine becomes terrorized by a dark dragon that is just as dark as Nelarth: Mesanth the Dark. This story also marks the first appearance of Salanth the Tall.
Dawn of the Tyrants Gorgodontotyrannus
After a story's absence in the form of Dreams and Nightmares, Firroth returns alongside Tyrath and Julmunvu after the latter two have had a far longer absence to combat a much more new threat: Five tyrant dinosaurs: Gorgodontotyrannus, Dracocantotyrannus, Deinocantotyrannus,Spinotyrannus, Neodontyrannus
Patterns of Hell Munkrengraag
Two new threats emerge for Firroth in probably one of the most dangerous batlles yet: Belluftkin and Munkrengraag. The title of this was also a working title for what is now Return to Buckinghamshire from The Mammal Wars which marks the first appearance of Seslinian's arch enemy Jomnune.
The Dragon and the Snake Eternula
Eternula is back and with him is one of the most dangerous foes ever encountered by Firroth's allies: Toxnar. This story also sees the first appearance of Sonva.

Niinqeth's trilogy:

TItle Antagonist Synopsis
Women Without Fear Sinvaeth In another trilogy that does not feature Firroth, the dragon warlord shown in Warlords Venia trains a new warrior to the East: Niinqeth where her task to track down the dragon Sinvaeth and defeat (but not kill) her.
Rhapsody in Volume Delniosh Sinvaeth may be defeated but Niinqeth has another foe to defeat as part of her training: Delniosh.
Niinqeth's Final Stand Lonvida Despite the title, Niinqeth does not die in this story. Instead, she successfully fights her final enemy Lonvida but the dragoness captures the warrior and takes her prisoner for Venia's rival Nelarth, Lord of the Black.

In fact, Niinqeth would survive through Defenders of Earth up and til it's finale The Ultimate Battle.

Part 3:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
Invaders from Space Inhusrelun
Inhusrelun is back but this time, he does not come alone: Also with him is the Space dragon Zulodam.
The Court of Nelarth Kelrah
Nelarth, Lord of the Black
Firroth and Tyrath journey to the Court of Nelarth, Lord of the Black to save Niinqeth who had been captured by Lonvida. But the two dragons now have three dragons to fight: Nelarth, his lieutenant Kelrah and another dragon Honlun.
Beast From Mars Nerroth, The Taker of Life No sooner do Inhusrelun and Zulodam leave Earth does it come under fire from a new and deadlier threat: Nerroth, the Taker of Life. Firroth also has a new ally: Zinnath, Protector of Life.
Dragons and Hydras Krizoumia The presence of another Hydra on Earth brings back nostalgia of the last Hydra attack by Zhakuh. This Hydra coming to Earth is revealed as Krizoumia.
Invaders of the Galaxy Slenkrentney
Inhusrelun is back and this time he has a very unusual ally: Slenkrentney who is commonly an ally of Nusuntluv. This is also the only story where Firroth does not fight alongside any other dragons and instead fights alongside a superhero in the form of Black Star.
The Dragon of Iron Invincible Firroth is back to his evil ways. Or is he? As Kilarth discovers when he apparently confronts the dragon, the real dragon helps him to attack and eventually exposes "Firroth" as his mechanical doppelganger: Invincible.
Firroth vs. Sarmeyzmal Sarmeyzmal After his first fight with Invincible, an injured Firroth joins a whole range of other dragons led by Venia, Lord of the Skies and is reunited with his mate Rivelnesh, who has given him two daughters: Zihuskath and Khaxuza.

But back for revenge is Sarmeyzmal and when the dragon causes a rampage, Firroth is forced to fight him. Owing to his larger strength however, Sarmeyzmal has the upper hand.

The Tamil Monster Yolxaam In another story that does not feature Firroth, Sunvami returns to her home country of Sri Lanka, but her home country has another monster among the Tamil community: Yolxaam.