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The Defenders of Earth is a dragon regiment that feature in the monster series of the same name. They are the titular monster protagonists of the series, the only heroic reptiles and are the only ones to be allies of humanity.


Founded at around the same time as the Demon Empire, the Defenders of Earth has been at war with it for centuries. Based in the Caucasus Mountains, the regiment is led by a triumvirate consisting of Venia, Lord of the Skies, Nighith, Lord of the Blue and the only non titled dragon Kaanfus.

The regiment is also home of Firroth, an original lone dragon up and till the events of Invaders and Wives owing to the series undergoing a change from the typical Godzilla style in which Firroth was often forced into conflict with other monsters who could pose a threat to Earth to a much darker tone which uncovered a war which raged for years.

Under Venia, the Defenders is run as a much more co-operative society in contrast to the Demon Empire but despite this, the two regiments share one thing in common: Its members show an undying loyalty to their leaders. At the end of the Reptile Wars, the Defenders is practically in ruins and by Firroth's last battle with Inhusrelun, just two members of the Defenders remain: Firroth and his mate Rivelnesh.

Comparison to the Autobots

Just as the Demon Empire has a few similarities to the Decepticons from the Transformers franchise, the Defenders have few similarities to their opponents, the Autobots. One of them being that they are described as being more reptilian and natural looking in contrast to the more horrific and monstrous appearance of some of the dragons under Nelarth such as Belluftkin.

In addition, while there is much more conflict between the dragons in the Demon Empire as shown in Rivelnesh's first two appearances Monsters and Girls and Invaders and Wives, Venia's dragons appear to be slightly more co-operative. However, while the Autobots are more compassionate for humanity, the Defenders show the same amount of apathy and contempt for humanity as many other monsters in the 51st Century, even the Animals in the United Kingdom that were originally made as enemies of Firroth.

Also, one thing that all the monsters of the 51st Century have in common is that they are telepathic, unlike both the Autobots and Decepticons who speak by moving their mouths (though the Animals from The Mammal Wars only speak by using their mouths after The PHANTOM Invasion).

The Defenders

Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Venia, Lord of the Skies The regiment's leader and the arch rival of Nelarth, Lord of the Black who ultimately kills him in battle. Warlords The Ultimate Battle
Kaanfus Venia's second in command and one of the three most powerful dragons in the Defenders along with Nighith, Lord of the Blue. The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Nighith, Lord of the Blue Known as "The Dragon of the Night." Presumed mate of Saphira and one of the three powerful dragons in the regiment. The Ultimate Battle.
Shevorth, Protector of the Sky Female dragon and mate of Venia, Lord of the Skies. Also known as "Queen of the Sky" or "Lady of the Skies" she is the sole female in the five powerful dragons in the Defenders (Venia, Nighith, Kaanfus and Firroth) The Ultimate Battle
Firroth Protagonist of Defenders of Earth. Joins the Defenders in Invaders and Wives; though he is not part of the ruling triumvirate, Firroth is still one of the most powerful dragons on his own.

Mate to Rivelnesh and father to Zihuskath and Khaxuza who are both killed by Cennuth, Bringer of Death.

Stranger of the Past The Ultimate Battle
Julmunvu Nightmare's Hell The Ultimate Battle
Rivelnesh Mate to Firroth after he saves her from Sarmeyzmal and Quenth; With Firroth, she has two daughters Khaxuza and Zihuskath, both of whom are killed by Cennuth, Bringer of Death. Monsters and Girls The Ultimate Battle
Kilarth The first dragon to be an ally of Firroth after helping him and Saphira fight Zhakuh for the first time. Along with Tyrath, Rivelnesh and Firroth, he is one of the last four dragons left after the Reptile Wars where he helps in the death of Nelarth and the destruction of Invincible. Kilarth The Ultimate Battle
Perrath Also known as the "Fire Dragon" or "Fire Beast", helped Firroth fight Belluftkin and Munkrengraag Patterns of Hell The Ultimate Battle
Tyrath Firroth's first enemy, and alongside Kilarth, one of his loyalest allies. After the Reptile Wars, he helps in destroying Invincible but is forced to retreat after the battle with Zulodam. King of the East The Ultimate Battle
Salanth the Tall Ally of Tebinth the Mammoth. A very mysterious dragon and a legendary one. Dreams and Nightmares The Ultimate Battle
Barroth While Barroth is not an ally of Salanth the Tall, he is just as legendary as him.

After Invincible disguised as Firroth forced Kilarth to retreat, Barroth becomes Firroth's ally and first helps him defeat Invincible the first time they meet.

The Dragon of Iron The Ultimate Battle
Vorlianth The Ultimate Battle
Tebinth the Mammoth The Ultimate Battle
Darleth Ally of Sonva and Sunvami, the latter of whom sees herself as the team leader. The Ultimate Battle
Ginarth The Ultimate Battle
Zinnath, Protector of Life Rival to Nerroth, The Taker of Life and is one of the most vicious dragons fighting under Venia, Lord of the Skies.

Zinnath becomes the last dragon to be killed by Nelarth, Lord of the Black in the final Reptile Wars.

Beast From Mars The Ultimate Battle
Kelirth The Ultimate Battle
Cordath The Ultimate Battle
Saphira Helped Firroth and Kilarth to fight off Zhakuh. Ally of Julmunvu and Niinqeth and was also the first female ally of Firroth. Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster The Ultimate Battle
Turmulmurn The Ultimate Battle
Nindarn The Ultimate Battle
Thuthean Female dragon. Ally of Rivelnesh alongside Julmunvu. The Ultimate Battle
Glupharu The Ultimate Battle
Rervomna Female dragon. Ally of Thuthean and Rivelnesh. The Ultimate Battle
Sunvami Ally of Sonva and Darleth. Sunvami sees the three of them as a team with herself as leader.

She first helped Firroth fight Krizoumia alongside Kaanfus.

Dragons and Hydras The Ultimate Battle
Phovomel The Ultimate Battle
Inloostek The Ultimate Battle
Niinqeth Female dragon. Usually fights alongside Julmunvu and Saphira; enemy of Sinvaeth and in her own trilogy, Niinqeth fights Sinvaeth alongside Delniosh and Lonvida. Women Without Fear The Ultimate Battle
Vollenth The Ultimate Battle
Tezoth The Ultimate Battle
Rallinth The Ultimate Battle
Monvivo The Ultimate Battle
Sonva Female dragon and ally of Sunvami and Darleth.

Sonva is also known as "Shadow" because her name sounds like the Spanish word "Sombra", meaning "Shadow"

The Dragon and the Snake The Ultimate Battle
Klofun The Ultimate Battle
Dirsumir The Defender's chief enforcer who shares the same amount of contempt for humanity as Firroth does. The Ultimate Battle
Ekdezwin The Ultimate Battle
Ninarth The Ultimate Battle
Kalurth The Ultimate Battle
Bassilth The Ultimate Battle