Denise is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic Siberian Husky and though her breed is shown to be muscular she is actually rather feminine much like fellow politician Madeline as well as Indira and Charlotte. Of all the members of the A.N.S.U Denise and her friends Ellie and Wendy are the most recognizable. Whilst most females who wear a bodysuit wear a leather bodysuit Denise wears a black rubber bodysuit like a wetsuit with black rubber gloves and she goes barefoot.


Denise is well known in the Animalian Union for her extreme devil may care attitude and fiercely nationalistic personality. Oswald often says that the Animalian Union is more like the Iraqi Ba'ath party because of it's extremely nationalistic ideology. Unlike the Ba'ath party both in Iraq and Syria the Union is not at all socialistic. She often comes off as being extremely militant and arrogant unlike the more softer Ashley which causes frustration to her but because she is part of the Union Denise respects her.

As well as other members of the Union she is also very respectable towards the Animalian Junta but shows no concern for prisoners and often takes part in punishing prisoners. Like many members of the Union she has no problem with sending Animalians to their deaths, though she respects Morgan she is very frustrated by her wanting to show off and seduce prisoners yet Denise and the other members of the Animalian Union take part in quite a seducing dance.

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