Diana is a former Animalian politician and member of the Animalian National Socialist Union


She is an anthropomorphic Bullmastiff and like other female members she wears old style clothing from the 19th century to the 1940s yet the female members like other females who wear footwear which is either slip on shoes, high heels, boots or character shoes or go barefoot. Diana wears a white blouse, a black knee length skirt and black boots.


Diana is arguably the most surprising member of the Animalian Union as she is not as nationalistic as most of the members of the Union. In actuality she is just as elegant and graceful as the French vixen Marie and the Spanish vixen Sofia. But behind her elegance she is actually a very aggressive and cruel character during the Night of the Thieves and though she is forced underground with the rest of the Union Mechanikat decides his decision was rash and made the Union active again but the Union's time underground destroys Diana and she is unable to function.

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