Dragica is a Serbian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of the Serbian general Dragutin and the mother of Mirjana.


Like most vixens in the Junta like Cristina and Lady Blue Dragica has dark blue fur but of the Balkan vixens she stands out from them all as she has a red stripe running down her back and a red underbelly and white legs but like Svetlana Dragica's front legs are their normal color whilst her back legs are white. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears a white blouse, a long black skirt, knee highs and black character shoes. She speaks English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.


Whilst Dragutin appears to be more firm on his daughter Mirjana Dragica is shown to be more laid back with her and is shown to love her husband and daughter. But behind her loving motherly nature she is in fact a fierce fighter and whilst most vixens on trial are much more submissive Dragica is one of the vixens to show the same amount of strength she once showed her captors when she was a prisoner of war. Her fierce fighter nature is also shown in battle against the Illusionist's henchmen and during the invasion of Animalia.

Like the Bosnian general Dragutin with his son Miroslav Dragica like many other members of the Junta calls Mirjana by her proper name as do other children of the Junta whilst some are often known by a nickname for example Miroslav's nickname is "Miro" whilst Stanislava's nickname is "Stani". Because she is Mirjana's mother her daughter often calls Dragica "mother" but more often than not calls her "mum"

But behind her fierce nature she is a friendly character and shares friendships with other vixens in the Junta in particular the Bosnian vixen Sabina, the Croatian vixen Tatjana, the Slovene vixen Tanja, the Macedonian vixen Maja and the Montenegrin vixen Lidija. She says when grouped together they look like the first vixens of the former Yugoslavia as Ivana, Silvia, Svetlana, Herta, Viktoria, Elena, Anna and Anita look like first vixens of the Eastern Bloc when grouped together and Lyudmilla, Galina, Rita, Evelin, Viktoria, Dace and Dalia look like first vixens of the Soviet Union when grouped together.

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