Eligia is a Paraguayan vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Frederico and the mother of Graciela.


Like most vixens in the Junta she has white fur but this is only limited to the few vixens who are white. She has a dark blue underbelly and a red stripe down her back. In her first appearance Eligia is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears a white blouse, a black short skirt, knee highs and high heels. She speaks English and Spanish.


Although she is an adult and adults are not usually startled Eligia is often easily startled mainly by the Mexican general Gregorio's eccentricity which doesn't really scare her as much as it entertains her but she is startled by Vladimiro's eccentricity as well as the rare eccentricity of his father Alberto who collaborates with him on stage. As well as Vladimiro's over dramatic nature she also enjoys Gregorio's as well as the Estonian general Arnold's eccentricity at times but at the same time she is more startled of Arnold than of Vladimiro, Alberto or Gregorio.

Though Alberto is not as eccentric as his son she is still slightly scared of him when he does an impression of Mr. Clipboard on stage which results in her kneeing him in the crotch, however despite the fact she is startled by Arnold on stage when he puts on his voice of the Green Goblin Eligia often believes that he really Has turned into the Green Goblin but her concern is relieved when she learns of his normal voice after he meets her off stage (not that this isn't the first time they meet) Much like Sofia she is much more practical which is the reason why she disapproves of Alberto's brief eccentric act of satirizing Mr. Clipboard and his son's over dramatic nature, nonetheless she is as respectful to other female dogs as well as her allies.

Compared to the other dogs in the A.P.F Eligia is often seen as a second mother to the Junta's sole kitten Valerie until the French general Marcel and his wife Marie take her into their care but despite having a teenage daughter Eligia is not only good with her own daughter but is also as good with the Junta babies as the other vixens in the Junta as well as it's sole female dog and former Animalian politician Brainy Barker. Aside her egregious use of torture on Siad Eligia is a loving character and loves her husband and daughter.

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