Emilio is an Argentine fox involved with the National Protection Process and is arguably Jorge's right hand man.


He was named after Emilio Eduardo Massera


Much like his boss he is often mistaken to be all sorts of nationalities but in this case he is often also mistaken to be Ecuadorian, Uruguayan, Venezuelan and Colombian. Roberto often says that there is a certain flamboyance about his appearance as he wears a white shirt, a black tie, black trousers and a black jacket but his jacket also has tinges of gold particularly gold buttons and gold cuffs. Arguably he dresses like Emilio Massera.


Emilio is shown to be rather dignified and some even say he has a certain charm in his personality. He can be very assuring particularly of young children but also he is very motivating going as far to say "We will fight not only to the death but we will fight beyond death", his fiery behavior is also shown at Siad's trial. Under his leadership Jorge says Emilio becomes malevolent. Orlando calls him notorious for his extreme brutality and cruelty that he shows to Siad.

He has a certain cunning and turns the Teatro Saint Martin into a compound for the Junta also using a nearby hospital as a place of torture, Leopoldo says that he also has learned much from a nation who's history has been riddled with dictatorship. Nonetheless Emilio has a certain aura that the Junta babies enjoy and see him as like a grandfather.

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