Emma is a guard at Trebdanek concentration camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta


She is one of three Servals involved with the running of Trebdanek the others include Sunita and Narcissa and alongside Jane is another distinguishable member of the ones involved with Trebdanek. Emma is an anthropomorphic Serval wearing a white blouse, a dark green military jacket, a dark green knee length skirt, black boots and a black belt across her waist and a thinner belt across her shoulder. But what distinguishes her from the other Servals is that she also often wears black leather gloves as do other personnel at Trebdanek such as Crystal, Daphne, Harriet, Kerryn, Laura, Melanie, Amelia, Tara, Susanna and Sabrina. Emma is seldom seen without a straight stick.


Though some female personnel at Trebdanek like Chloe, Hannah and Maria are shown to be the most cruel guards Emma puts them to shame. Like many other guards she knows that she is under supervision and there are limits to what she can and can't do but what Emma also does is that  she keeps some of the prisoners for herself keeping them from death before she tires of them and sends them to her death. At her trial she is also shown to have attacked young children. Like another guard and her supervisor Hannah Emma usually walks around the camp with the belt around her waist very tightly waiting for someone to look at her and if anyone does she has them killed. Emma also participates in beatings and to further increase pain she beats her victims with such force and power they can't feel the area where she beats them which is usually on the arms or the chest for 15 minutes. At one point she beats a victim so hard on the chest she fracture's their rib.


Emma is one of the guards that hears Mechanikat's message and at one point considers killing herself but decides against the idea and alongside the other Servals Sunita and Narcissa tries to flee with Mirage but the group is too full and they have to flee with Hannah. Unfortunately Hannah leaves their escape too late and when they come to escape the Animalian Patriotic Front force them to surrender. She is ultimately arrested and tried at the Trebdanek Trials where she is sentenced to five years in prison. Alongside the rest of the former prisoners at the prison Emma is pardoned by Hunter and today she resides in Animalia.

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