Eve is a former Animalian politician and member of the Animalian National Socialist Union


She is an anthropomorphic Curly Coated Retriever and often wants to stand out from other members of the Union and is one of the female members of the Junta to do so. Eve's clothing choice consists of a white blouse, a a black knee length skirt, standard colored tights and high heels.


Like most members of the Animalian Junta Eve is quite fidgety and whilst she keeps still during meetings she often likes to play with her shoes with her feet and likes to slip them on and off. She also often likes to kneel on chairs or sit on the balls of her feet but is respectful to the Junta and the A.U.F nonetheless. Like the Junta member Heather Eve also likes the arts especially dancing where she is shown to be very energetic when she and other female members of the Animalian Union dance with the female members of the Junta during a talent show held by the Junta. Females dance and sing. Males do different things: Daniel does stand up comedy and so does Rhys yet all except Greg and Siad do dramatic readings.

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