Exile is a character from the series Road Rovers and is the team's mechanic despite the Rovers own little vehicles. This trait is also gone in the Anthro Saga because the resistance have very few vehicles.


He is an anthropomorphic Siberian Husky which is suitable because he is Russian, though the only Russian in the group this number is expanded by another 35 in the Anthro Saga. Like others he wears traditional Road Rover uniform.

The Anthro Saga

In the Anthro Saga Exile is not so much a mechanic as he is a soldier, in this case he serves under the Road Rovers which at first is separate from other guerrilla groups which are the Animalian military students led by Tatyana, the Animalian Mujahideen led by Omar and Shohreh, the Liberators of Animalia led by Velupillai and Chandrika, the Animalian Resistance Army led by Osama and Khadijeh and the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army but for a soldier Exile is also one of Animalia's greatest balladeers being popular with young children.

When the First Animalian coup breaks out Exile fights under the Road Rovers fighting with the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front to contain the rise of Mechanikat, ultimately it is a failure causing the anti-Junta forces to retreat but the guerrilla armies that fought with the Rovers and the A.M.S stay in Animalia with the Rovers at first fleeing to a laboratory until the A.M.S come for them during the Night of the Thieves and take them to The System until the resistance transfer the Rovers to Greyclose military base, the Anti-Junta armies then merge into the Animalian resistance but still regain independence as armies and instead referred to as branches. The resistance launches the Animalian Civil War which leads to the capture of all the armies except the A.R.A, the L.O.A and the Mujahideen with all but one of it's women's faction being placed under arrest.

Following the Rovers' surrender Exile is taken to a concentration camp where he is a source of strength for his fellow inmates singing for them until soldiers beat him to the ground presumably unconscious. In his last poem smuggled out he writes:

"What horror the face of dictatorship creates. They carry out their goals with knife like precisions, for them blood equals medals. How hard it is to sing when I must sing of horror in which silence and screams are the end of my song."

After two days the army kills him.

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