Fahd is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after Saudi Arabia's previous king Fahd of Saudi Arabia


He is an anthropomorphic Pointer being one of many Asian dogs to be of a Western breed most of them being of a breed from the United Kingdom such as Yasser and Panteleimon. In his soldier days he wears traditional Islamic robes, a brown bisht and a white head-dress whilst in his government time he keeps his robes and head-dress but he replaces his brown bisht with a white one.


Fahd is not an alcoholic and he strongly disapproves of alcohol substituting cider for apple juice mixed in with lemonade with it being one of many alcoholic drinks that are substituted for non alcoholic versions for example red wine being substituted for cranberry juice, but when he gets the chance particularly late at night he can get very rowdy and wild, Charlie however considers him a good ally because that is the only occasion he gets wild and the rest of the time he is completed focused. But when it comes to singing on his own Fahd's singing is considered by a lot of others to be absolutely dreadful mostly because his singing is very, very loud that nearly everyone in the Teatro del Saint Martin can hear it but not only because it is very loud but it is also out of tune 90% of the time. Anwar says that his singing "Is not singing at all. At all", Luiz calls it "Amazingly atrocious" whilst Ruhollah calls it "unbearable"

But despite his terrible singing he has a domino effect on others, once he starts singing everyone else joins in and this is the case for "To Life" when Haidar, Faraj and Muhammed join in the song before the song gets a little bit out of hand with other male Arabic dogs as well as Burhanuddin, Hafizullah and Babrak despite them being Afghan. His wild nature also leads to disapproval of adults and older Junta children but the enjoyment of most young Junta children as well as the Junta babies. Saud also considers him a true Muslim alongside the other male Muslim dogs but also the Muslim dogs in general. In battle he is just as wild at times but only this time it is taken up to about 3 times, Saud also says that he is staunchly proud of his homeland as he is also heard singing (badly) Saudi Arabia's National Anthem, Fahd is just as proud of Saudi Arabia as much as anyone in the A.P.F or their allies are proud of theirs. In spite of his terrible singing Fahd is god with young Junta children and to the Junta babies creates both curiosity and humor, in his government time he manages to rationalize himself.

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