Faraj is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Weimaraner a strange breed for a Yemeni dog because most Yemeni dogs are mostly English breeds and he is of a German breed. In his soldier days he wears a white thawb and Izaar, a black bisht, a red and white checked keffiyeh and a black agal quite a shell of most Yemeni dogs because they do not dress as Muslim like. In Argentina he dresses more Westernly as he wears a white shirt, a black tie, cream trousers, a cream waistcoat and a cream jacket whilst in his government time he wears a white thawb and Izaar, a dark blue bisht, a red and white checked keffiyeh and a black agal.


With the exception of war Faraj takes a fair few things seriously showing a liabilty to jump on the bandwagon in "To Life" where he is just as dreadful a singer as Fahd but he is one of those involved in torture of the Junta's enemies and alongside others he enjoys it. To children he is nowhere near as serious as he gets on the battlefield and in his government time joking a lot about Ali being startled by Santiago.

He also jokes about the babies saying in one part "The lights have been known to dim as far away as Muscat." Haidar then tells him "They reckon babies are as sane as anything when they've finished" to which Faraj finishes with "Yeah. Till they get their electric bill!" to which the other Yemeni dogs start laughing, Muhammed tells another joke saying "You know babies, their dad was thinking of forming an appeal committee and I said "Never mind about that, you want to form an escape committee!"", Abdullah often compares him to Boycie at times nonetheless he is deeply chivalrous and is good with young Junta children and the Junta babies arguably better with them than Ali. He also gets as serious as he gets on the battlefield in his government time.

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