Of the many guards at the concentration camps made by the Junta about 75 of them are female the most notable ones being at Trebdanek concentration camp.



A uniform worn by female guards at Majlinka transit camp. The uniform is also used as a disguise by the Norwegian kidnapper Grete Hassel

Despite the fact females and males are different in terms of animal with males except Siad being dogs and females except HannahMayaMelanie and Lucy being cats many of them have mixed as Siad is a lion which is a cat and HannahMayaMelanie and Lucy are wolves.

Usually there are no special qualities needed as Mechanikat describes joining the Junta as being chance as he is also a very charismatic leader a lot like Kim il-Sung minus his personality cult. A lot of members of the Junta also came because of their hatred of the previous regime and the thought that Mechanikat was a savior 'from the chaos Animalia was plunged into by Mufasa'


Marie in a nappy

Many female guards took pleasure of also stripping infants to nappies. This is Marie after Crystal stripped her during the Night of the Thieves

Mechanikat describes female guards as being suitable for being one word: Cruel. He says that female guards should be as cruel as possible and if that means exploiting victims and stripping them so be it. He does not say that any females should show off but he allows it anyway. After saying that females have to be as cruel as possible many take advantage including MelanieCrystalEstherLeonara and many more.

Female guards as well as male guards were also free to do whatever they liked, even keep female prisoners for themselves but these were prohibited for male guards. The prisoners kept by female members would often be stripped to the waist and tied up or kept free but treated like pets. The prisoners kept were usually teenage girls or young adult women but the members also kidnapped infants and babies. In this case babies would often be stripped to nappies and locked in a cage and whenever one cried they would open the cage, hand him or her over to another, make it suck a dummy and lock it back in the cage. The exception in this rule was Abigail who often kept babies because she thought it was saving them from death before handing them back to their parents. During her time at Trebdanek she kept a baby girl for herself before handing her back to her parents.

Names of notable guards

Name Animal Role
Maria Lioness torturer
Hannah Wolf torturer
Abigail Snow leopard torturer
Phoebe Jaguar guard


Lioness overseer
Crystal Bengal Tiger torturer
Daphne Leopard guard
Emma Serval guard
Harriet Puma torturer
Myra Lynx guard
Maya Wolf guard
Laura Jaguar  torturer
Kerryn  Leopard guard
Jane Cheetah torturer
Melanie Wolf guard
Amelia Jaguar torturer
Melissa Snow leopard guard
Narcissa Serval torturer
Nicola Siberian Tiger guard
Sabrina Puma torturer
Sunita Serval guard
Susanna Jaguar guard
Tara Leopard guard
Olivia Lioness torturer
Rachel Jaguar torturer
Jade Cheetah guard
Teresa Leopard guard
Ebony Leopard torturer
Megan Jaguar guard
Molly Leopard guard
Lydia Jaguar torturer
Bethany (called Beth for short) Indochinese tiger torturer
Heather Snow leopard guard
Esther Siberian tiger torturer
Hermione Malayan tiger guard
Felicia Jaguar guard
Justine Cheetah torturer
Miranda Leopard guard
Georgia Sumatran tiger torturer
Chelsea Bengal tiger guard
Katrina Siberian tiger guard
Jodie Jaguar guard
Mia Cheetah guard
Sophie Leopard torturer
Rhiannon Jaguar guard
Shannon Leopard torturer
Marian Leopard guard
Natasha Cheetah guard
Scarlett Leopard guard
Ellie Jaguar guard
Samantha Snow leopard guard
Gabriella Leopard guard
Nancy Cheetah torturer
Lauren Jaguar guard
Hayley Leopard torturer
Lucy Wolf guard
Sally Lioness guard
Josie Snow leopard guard
Tamara Leopard torturer
Carly Jaguar torturer
Elsa Cheetah torturer
Frederica Leopard guard
Alyssa Leopard guard
Holly Snow leopard torturer
Anastasia Snow leopard guard
Angelina Leopard guard
Keira Jaguar guard
Leonara Leopard guard
Niamh Lioness torturer
Caitlin Cheetah guard
Amber Leopard torturer
Louise Jaguar torturer
Bianca Jaguar guard
Jasmine Leopard guard

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