Filip is a Montenegrin fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Montenegrin general Branislav and his wife Lidija.


He is what most children call the average fox but is more commonly known as the blood fox because his fur is as red as blood yet his clothing begs to differ. Despite most people called Phillip or any other pronunciation are more formal Filip's clothing is more relaxed as he wears a black T-shirt, navy blue trousers and at times a military style jacket but more commonly wears a black fleese.


Whilst the Macedonian fox Branko goes crashing into hell with the consequences Filip is more logical, this does not imply Branko has little intelligence because as Filip knows he is a very smart fox and it also does not imply Branko is a psychopath as he matches little to no criteria for one. He is also close friends with Branko and the two treat each other like brothers but also is deeply respectable towards other older boys in the Junta and it is this that the Hypnotist exploits to his own advantage.

As well as Branko he also is particularly close to Mirjana and after Josip learns he necessarily isn't going to win the vixen's trust because of his very dark nature he allows her to go with Filip much to the foxes' surprise because he has no charming qualities yet Mirjana tells him she chose him because Filip has the one thing Josip didn't have to her: Respect (not that Josip is not respectable. He was very protective of Mirjana but did not show true love for her)

Filip's respect for Mirjana is also among one of the main reasons why she preferred him over Josip but Branko also tells her that he has had his eye on her for a long, long time as well as the fact Filip also appreciates beauty as much as Branko, Phil and Sylvester do. Like many other older children in the Junta Filip's respect also carries to his former enemies and to his allies. The Illusionist also says that Filip's respect is actually what makes him very eerie, dark and mysterious.

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