Florencio is a Honduran fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Honduran general Miguel and his wife Rosa.


Now it could be argued that of all the Junta children Florencio is the most recognizable as he has white fur with a navy coloured underbelly unlike the other children who have red or blue fur. He wears grey trousers, a blue, green and black checked shirt and a black jacket.


Florencio is shown to not only be very close to the Salvadoran fox Maximiliano but he is also friends with the other older Latin American Junta boys, though he is friends with Lorenzo he often sees him as being "too flamboyant" usually because of his overconfidence. He can be rather sophisticated as Lorenzo and as well as that seems to know Siad as he says when he brings Siad to the other older Junta boys "Some of you may recognize this chap." but even so he does not call the lion be his proper name always calling him "you", "him" or "he" and in extreme cases "it".

Many of the torture methods Florencio adopts are also similar to those used by Marco's country Chile under Augusto Pinochet but even so the Honduran fox sees most of the methods used under Pinochet and some of the methods that Anwar says that he saw in North Korea as being too barbaric, even going as far to use "primitive" methods on the lion giving a sense of sadism. Florencio also says "We must torture the lion using whatever we can" but even though he sees a lot of methods being too barbaric to use but he says "That only goes for conditions. Torture is fine, but it must be clean." showing a streak of oppurtunism and is arguably more advanced preferring not to use "primitive methods" on Siad.

He also very commonly looks down on Siad and often has a violent streak seeing the older children as being a gang at times as well as keen intrigue into the military and terrorism which comes after a meeting with Anwar. Many members of the Junta also say that Florencio has a "British sense of humour" which means that he is generally cynical but he does enjoy things mainly the Junta babies and babies in general. Despite this though he has very nationalistic traits but is friends with the other older Junta boys.

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