The Fox Junta is a military style organization that serves as one of four organizations and one of the main ones in the Anthro Saga. Despite it's name the organization includes children two of which are babies and two members who are not foxes: Krypto and Brainy Barker. In spite of having children they do not have any role in the Junta.

Organization and leadership

Though the Junta is led by Roberto more of the factions are led by the leaders of each faction for example Francisco is the leader of the Spanish faction of the Junta, each faction is also led by five generals except the Argentine faction which is technically led by ten. Before unification when the Junta finally traveled to Animalia the Junta was split with factions of the Junta being separate from others, A short unification was prominent in West Germany which came into a split until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Junta is also regarded as one of the largest armies in the Anthro world being compromised of 205 generals (125 European and 80 Latin American) and 16,400,000 men (10,000,000 European and 6,400,000 Latin American) Each section is divided into 400,000 men as the Junta is organized into field armies which are compromised of 80,000 men. Even though all five generals in a section have responsibility, individual generals also have responsibility of their men. While the Junta has Western weaponry, much of it's factions also are armed with Eastern weaponry such as SKS rifles and AK-47s.

Whilst in power the Junta divided the forest up into nationalities such as a Bulgarian part or a French part and installed each faction of the same nationality of the Junta in that part. In some places of the forest if the leader of a faction of the Junta was married that vixen would serve as first lady whereas others would have a de facto first lady for example: Silvia served as the de facto First Lady of the Slovak part whereas Marie would serve as the proper First Lady of the French part.


Early years:

Before it's rule the Junta was previously known as the Fox Military but it was mainly land based instead or land, air and sea. The military was at first led by five foxes: Roberto, Alfredo, Augusto, Jorge and Leopoldo but overtime membership grew then trippled, the military served as the fighting force of the forest and eventually membership expanded to vixens until Roberto was overthrown by Darwin who implememented an inside dictatorship and forced all the vixens out except for one. The persecution stopped after Darwin's overthrow and eventually was forced out of the Junta. Roberto brought back the vixens and restored their membership.

Forest civil war:

The military served as the fighting force of the forest against Belladonna and Steele who planned to avenge Niju's death by capturing various vixens in the Junta until the opposition gave in which they never did and eventually the opposition were forced out and the leaders were captured. In the process though the leader Scarface died (but later would return) and Roberto became leader and the new mate of Lady Blue. At this point in the military's existence Roberto renamed the military to the Junta.

Later years:

The Junta handed power over to a more democratic leader 3 months later after their rule and at this point Roberto moved the Junta to the Anthro World, back in time to West Germany in 1984, most children would be born and raised in Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall the exceptions being Josefina and Santiago who would be later born in The Animalian Bunker. Those children born into the military later were known as the Junta children or Children of the Fox Junta. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the Junta saw their chance and moved to the then independent Animalia in the future. Before long they lived normal lives until threats from school bullies when they moved into an underground bunker.

Junta dictatorship:

After Animalia's first coup the Junta fought alongside the Animalian Patriotic Front against Mechanikat but ultimately lost the battle and fled spending the dictatorship years in Argentina with the National Protection Process and the Animalian Patriotic Front at the Teatro del Libertador General San Martín and returned to Animalia after the dictatorship and stayed there until it's dissolution.

Other activities:

The Junta is particularly remembered in Germany for a rescue operation carried out by the whole Junta codenamed Operation Vixen, an operation to rescue Silvia who was being held in Berlin. In commemoration the government erected murals and statues in the Junta's honor.

Relations with other organizations

National Protection Process

Relations with the National Protection Process are very. very close owing to a similarity in language and nationalities with both organizations having Spanish speaking languages. The leader of the N.P.P Jorge also gave the Junta a safe haven in Argentina after the end of the First Animalian coup and sheltered the Junta during the dictatorship in Animalia, the N.P.P also backed the Anti-Junta forces in the Second Animalian coup.

Animalian Patriotic Front

When the A.P.F was made for the first time in Animalia the Junta insisted they would have nothing to do with a bunch of hooligans. It wasn't until a second A.P.F was made then did relations soon soar, the Animalian Patriotic Front is also regarded by many to be the Junta's closest ally, they fought on the same side during the First Animalian coup and also in the Second Animalian coup, as the A.P.F is also the new government of Animalia many members of the Junta have also friendships with the government.

Animalian resistance

Animalian military students

Nobody respects the Junta and their allies as much as the Animalian military students, in fact the A.M.S not only respect the Junta but practically revere it. The A.M.S hold the Junta and their allies in great respect and also show deep respect to it after the Junta years, alongside other guerrilla armies the A.M.S was on the side of the Junta during the First Animalian coup.

Road Rovers

Alongside the resistance the Road Rovers are also one of the Junta's closest allies and they both fought on the same side during the First Animalian coup however until the near end of the Junta this was the only time the two organizations interacted with each other. When the leaders of the Rovers were exiled to Argentina relations were revealed to be close to each other.

Animalian Mujahideen

Relations between the Fox Junta and the Mujahideen are considered to be a lot better than the relations between the Mujahideen and the A.M.S owing to a greater variety in nationalities even if some of the generals in the Junta are from Latin America and at least seven members of the Junta are Russian and an equal number being Slavic.

Animalian Resistance Army

As in the case of the Mujahideen, the A.R.A's relations with the Junta are considered to be a lot more better than their relations with the A.M.S and the Rovers. The A.R.A and their fighters have had very close relations with the Fox Junta in spite of their rare interactions.

Liberators of Animalia

Relations with the L.O.A are just as close as other resistance groups even though the Junta is forced to flee from Animalia and it's leader Roberto advises the L.O.A leader Velupillai to flee as well. In heroes day speeches the L.O.A also wishes the Junta well during their time in Argentina.

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army

The D.A.P.R.A has an equally close relationship to the Junta as it's fellow resistance groups do and their relations are considered to be a lot more liberal than the other two Arab fighter groups. Though that may have something to do with the fact the D.A.P.R.A has not only Arab fighters but also fighters of Arab, Pakistani, Persian and Iranian nationalities.

Animalian Junta

Whilst the Animalian Patriotic Front is the Junta's closest ally the Animalian Junta is it's greatest adversary and enemy. During the dictatorship the two organizations had no relations with each other however after the dictatorship relations were still sour among their supporters but were generally starting to improve though many former members of the Junta live in Animalia they have very heavy restrictions on their lives.

Animalian National Socialist Union

Relations with the A.N.S.U are just as tense as the Junta's relations with the Animalian Junta owing to the A.N.S.U being on the side of Mechanikat during the first Animalian coup and the Fox Junta being on the side of the A.P.F, however relations with both sides have improved though members of the A.N.S.U are not allowed to take part again in the government and have equally heavy restrictions on their lives as the Junta and their collaborators.

Animalian Junta collaborators

The Fox Junta have no relations with the Animalian Junta collaborators and relations are neither close nor very, very tense. However relations are shown to be not at all positive with respects to condemnations of the collaborator's activities, it is also shown that relations between the collaborators are considerably neutral with the main Junta and more negative with older Junta children.

Notable leaders and members


Latin American:

The Junta vixens

Name Nationality Husband
Nexhmije Albanian Enver
Rita Armenian Krikor
Galina Belarusian Branislaw
Elisabeth Belgian Phillipe
Sabina Bosnian Dragutin
Svetlana Bulgarian Vulko
Tatjana Croatian Ante
Ivana Czech Gustav
Evelin Estonian Arnold
Marie French Marcel
Anita Hungarian Viktor
Maria Italian Vincente
Dace Latvian Valdis
Dalia Lithuanian Justas
Maja Macedonian Lazar
Lidija Montenegrin Branislav
Anna Polish Wojciech
Elena Romanian Nicolae
Viktoria Russian Leonid
Dragica Serbian Dragutin
Silvia Slovakian Stefan
Tanja Slovene Sergej
Sofia Spanish Manuel
Lyudmilla Ukrainian Viktor
Herta Austrian Herbert
Lady Blue English/British Roberto
Cristina Argentine Leopoldo
Yolanda Bolivian Hugo
Dilma Brazillian Humberto
Cecilia Chilean Gustavo
Maria Colombian Gilberto
Anne Ecuadorian Vincente
Eligia Paraguayan Frederico
Nadine Peruvian Alberto


Cilia Venezuelan Guillermo
Angelica Mexican Heriberto
Vanda Salvadoran Joaquin
Rosa Guatemalan Alejandro
Rosa Honduran Miguel
Rosario Nicaraguan


The Junta children


Latin American: