Francesco is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Neapolitan Mastiff a breed known for it's protective instincts and fearsome appearance both of which he virtually is. In his soldier days he wears old Italian military style clothing compared to Gaetano and Antonio but in his government time he wears the type of suit you wear on formal occasions and though in the government he wears a white bow tie.


Francesco is just as respected by Benito, Antonio and Gaetano as much as Georgios, Charlie and other Junta leaders mainly the A.P.F's main ally, no matter how respected he is he is intolerant of failure liking to torment Siad by tricking him that he was never on Mechanikat's side as well as loving to humiliate him in the same way the older Junta boys do, shooting him with rubber bullets from a machine gun. He also believes that war is sport especially the battle of Trebdanek led by Leopoldo of the Fox Junta.

Nonetheless he is very dignified and very formal and charismatic but when it comes to enemies he is a literal backstabber, like a lot of others he has a relatively dry sense of humour and like Zia he takes offense very easily being offended often at Sebastiano. And like Ali he believes in gender segregation keeping male and female residences apart such as keeping males upstairs and females downstairs especially in London however agrees it doesn't work in Argentina. Though he has a dry sense of humour he is amused by Downfall parodies but even so he disapproves of the style of dress used by most female members of the A.P.F however Francesco does not care about Nina, Asma, Mehriban, Mikhaylyna, Ruslana and Yulia because they are agents nor does he care about any female Asian dogs because it is their religion.

His frustration (and many others) comes in mainly with Maria and Ioana mainly in their soldier days because whilst most wear more serious or adventurous clothing they wear more energetic clothing, in doing so he comes under as much criticism from Ioana as Silviu. Nonetheless he is good with young Junta children and relatively good with the Junta babies, in his government time he has little change.

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