Francisco is a Spanish fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the leader of the Spanish faction.


He was named after former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.


He has yellow-red fur with the red on his fur believed to be blood but he also has a red underbelly and a yellow face which do not have tinges. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he dresses like Francisco Franco as he wears a white shirt, brown trousers, a brown tie and a brown Marshall jacket.


Francisco is a deeply charismatic leader who is also shown to not only respect his Spanish allies which also involves the Spanish vixen Sofia but anyone who is Spanish or can speak Spanish. He also enjoys Manuel's daughter Carmen as much as some of the Latvian generals like Laimdota, he is charismatic but is very disciplined however he knows the rounds of what should be taken. Not only does he respect Carmen but he also respects her mother Sofia saying she and Manuel raise Carmen much better than most parents outside the Junta, this common statement also goes to all parents in the Junta.

He says that Manuel and his wife raise Carmen a lot better than most parents outside the Junta because they avoid abuse which Francisco strongly condemns, except if it is used for comedy which is why he lets his soldiers attack Siad because he finds it comedy, he also watches his soldiers beat Siad laughing. Though he believes censorship to be part of dictatorship because nearly every single dictatorship has had censorship he does support the banning of films under the new government of Hunter and Charlie which leads to the banning of plenty of cinema films which had not necessarily been legal under any of Animalia's leaders but the penalty of owning most banned films now are illegal and can lead to prison sentences. Banned films include psycho-biddys, films that contain very extreme sexual, violent and horrifying content as well as disturbing and inappropriate/offensive content.

Sofia also says that he shares Gamal's chivalrism because both of them almost find females sacred and ensure that no harm is to come to them. Though Francisco supports the resistance he often likens it to a terrorist group but aside from his seemingly psychopathic nature he is good with young Junta children and is better with the babies than any ally of the Junta or any other member of the Junta.

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