Gaetano is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Maremma Sheepdog and despite his personality is the most eccentrically dressed Italian dog in the A.P.F and the most eccentrically dressed one of all, even during his time in the government. In his soldier days he wears an off white safari-styled jacket, a red paisley scarf under it's labels, a matching handkerchief in the left pocket, a fob watch chained to the left papel, a white shirt, a red paisley tie, a yellow fair isle inspired pullover adorned with question marks and blue green zigzag patterns and sand colored tweed plaid trousers. During his soldier days he always carries an umbrella with a red question marked shaped handle.

In his government time his eccentric style of dress changes very, very little as he wears a white shirt, a brown waistcoat with all sorts of colors. black trousers, a red cravat, a brown frock coat and a multi colored scarf which brings him to light after the other A.P.F members laugh at him when he first meets them when they form part of the government.


Gaetano may dress very much like the clown but he is very prone to brooding silences and is also the most mysterious dog in the A.P.F because whilst most members show that they are an enemy of Mechanikat he does completely the opposite trying to play the clown and make himself as unassuming to enemies as he can so he can get an advantage over his enemies which makes him the most notorious Italian dog and the most darkest dog in the organization as well.

Like Luiz, Guillermo and Joaquin in the Fox Junta he may be Italian but he has a thick English accent at least some think it is English, though prone to brooding silences he is also has just a quick temper as Antonio and is also very irritable. His unassuming personality also makes him just as much a double crosser and a back stabber as much as Francesco. Nonetheless he is good with young Junta children and arguably causes the most amount of curiosity in the Junta babies however the babies are what makes him irritable at times especially when one time Josefina tries to play with him and another when Santiago tries to play with him both attempts fail, but he is relatively good with them nonetheless. In his government time he doesn't go through much change.

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