Galenka is a former defector of the Animalian Junta and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Blue Fox and is described as one of the most suave fighters ever known and alongside Medni is one of the most misleading. She wears a white blouse, jacket and skirt, white tights, black character shoes and unlike most females in the anthro world like Silvia who wear black leather gloves at times Galenka's gloves are red.


Galenka and Medni are shown to be very close to each other and like Medni she can be very suave and polite when she wants to be and as such she and Medni have infiltrated the enemy time and time again, like Medni and many other female allies she is an expert at slander but when it comes to riots she is one of the most violent members of the A.M.S showing that seeing isn't believing. Especially when the resistance take over territory and go on a rampage.

Like others she is also notable for denigrating prisoners and ordering prison massacres in resistance controlled territory taking part in a lot of these herself, Galenka's  sophistication is also shown when she prefers singing to dancing and is shown to be close also to Tanya. Like her leader Radmila she is also strongly patriotic, even in defeat intending to go down with the A.M.S.


When she joins the A.M.S Galenka soon becomes one of the most prominent members in the level of espionage alongside Tanya and Medni commonly involved in spying for the resistance becoming a natural born agent, in spite of her expertise though she is a lot more secretive than Tanya and as such is only imprisoned at least twice once during the first Animalian coup and the second at the end of the civil war when she simply accepts her defeat a lot more than Radmila especially in prison. Following the second Animalian coup Galenka is released from prison and rehabilitated by the new government, the other resistance groups are later re-established and rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta.

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