Garth is the secondary tritagonist of Alpha and Omega. He is the mate of Lilly and the brother-in-law of Humphrey and Kate.


He is a slender and muscular Alpha wolf with flaming brown fur color and hair with cream underside. He has pine-green eyes and is shown to be bigger and taller than Humphrey in more ways than one. In his first appearance he is a normal wolf but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears different clothing compared to other bodyguards in the real world:

In contrast to other male characters in the Anthro universe (not including Hunter or the other male Road Rovers), Garth wears footwear as his clothing consists of blue slim fit pants with a brown belt, a white T-shirt, black Chelsea boots and a black leather jacket.

The Anthro Saga

In the Anthro Saga, Garth is a former bodyguard of Mufasa and his family during his rule of Animalia and is arguably one of the most disciplined and obedient of the guards. He is also a former soldier in the Animalian Army, serving for at least four years in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen and it is believed that his time in the army is the cause of his obedience and discipline.

But even his time in the army doesn't pay off when it comes to the dictatorship, during the Night of the Thieves Garth is arrested by the Junta and imprisoned at Majlinka until he can be transferred to another concentration camp where he is forced into torture. But soon, Mechanikat tires of him and remembering he has sent Lilly to Brazil he asks Cat R. Waul about more contacts about former soldiers of Tyrannia and as a result, Garth is brought before R. Waul and his men who send him to a military prison in the United Kingdom where he stays for the rest of the dictatorship until the Tyrannian tiger battalion who govern the prison send him back and Shere Khan and his men force him into torture again.

After the dictatorship, Garth is arrested by the new Animalian government and put on trial alongside various others and puts up a spirited defense which ultimately pays off and he is acquitted.

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