Georges is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Barbet and though he is French he dresses like he is Haitian primarily in his soldier time. In this case he wears white witch doctor robes and a black mask and carries a skull staff and has a machine gun slung over his shoulder whilst in his government time he wears a white shirt, a grey jacket, grey trousers and a black bow tie.


Georges is a soldier but he acts like a witch doctor and is widely viewed as one as well, because of this he is viewed in a wise light by young Junta children and like Bikram and Saloth is often shown to be the stuff of legend and mystery. Unlike most of his allies who treat females of their nationality with great respect such as Slobodan treating Dragica and her daughter Mirjana with great respect because they are both Serbian Georges treats females well regardless of nationality (not that anyone treats those of other nationalities badly).

He causes great curiosity in the Junta babies and as much curiosity in young children as Benito and this much curiosity in them as the Asian dogs mostly those who are true, true Muslims or Jews in the case of the Israeli dogs. He may cause curiosity in the babies but also fear primarily when they look at his mask and even after Georges leaves they continue crying and show common signs of what he calls a crying tantrum, both of them throw crying tantrums relatively. Georges creates fear in most vixens in the Junta but doesn't cause as much as Benito does and it is this that makes him a fearmonger but he is relatively good with young Junta children and the Junta babies. Though he already is rational in his soldier days he is more rational in his government time.

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