Gheorghe is a Romanian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Nicolae's left hand man.


He was named after former Romanian communist leader Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej


He has dark red fur, a navy blue face and a yellow underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he is more of a policeman than an army general or so it is said by other allies and generals of the Junta. He wears a white shirt, black trousers, a black tie and a black police jacket.


Though he is in the army Gheorghe is well known for his intolerance of firearms most likely because they are useless for weaponry if he wants to capture someone and the fact that gas pellets and tranquilizers are useless for machine guns. He is also notable for his strong stance on failure having allies who fail him executed, as such Nicolae sees him as too arrogant and hot tempered to be an effective leader but he is a lot more better at improvisation than the driver for the former Yugoslav Alliance Dragoljub.

Like one of his allies Traian he is evidently someone who is very ahead of his time opting to use machine guns for seek and destroy operations and stun lasers for capturing enemies as P.O.W's, he also has a very strong stance on torture refusing to let some of his allies take part in some kinds of torture unless for satirical purposes. When asked why this is the case for someone so serious Gheorghe replies "There's realistic, and there's horrific." but even though he is intolerant of guns he sees guns as the most efficient and humane way to kill someone preferring to use guns to kill than most methods of murder, he also has his soldiers armed with more advanced weaponry and is regarded as general less warlike than Traian but more aggressive than the Romanian general Stefan and very, very destructive highlighting that if he wants to target something like a car or a train there's no stopping him but ultimately he is loyal to his allies to the end.

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