Gilberto is a Colombian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the leader of the Colombian faction and is the husband of Maria and the father of Carola nicknamed "The Leather vixen"


He may be Colombian but he doesn't look it especially with his colour which makes others believe him to be any nationality but Colombian, he also has a red face which some believe to be sunburn though no one knows why whilst others believe it to be blood however his underbelly is yellow. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, dark green trousers, a dark green jacket and a dark green tie.


Gilberto is well known for his snide attitude to enemies but at the same time he is described as being a rather charismatic leader and a rather practical one disapproving of his daughter's clothing choice even disapproving more when he finds that she owns a lot of bodysuits, high heels and boots in her wardrobe but he still loves her. He is also well known to be a lover of all things scary yet he supports the film censorship that has been imposed on Animalia for a long time, even during the first democratic government of Nava and Mufasa, this censorship therefore prohibits the screening of snuff films, obscene films and very disturbing and graphic horror films. Though the censorship covers films there is one documentary that is censored by Animalia which is "Sri Lanka's killing fields" which is banned in Animalia because of disturbing content.

There is also one thing that he likes about horror though and that is the supernatural, urban legends some of which are popular in the Fox Junta and their allies with some even being told amongst the Animalian resistance and some being used as hazing by notably the Animalian military students, the Junta's collaborators and the Animalian Junta themselves. But not only does he support the film censorship imposed on Animalia for a long time he also supports the tightening of the film censorship act and law passed under the Animalian Patriotic Front who Charlie leads to power in Animalia's first general election following the return to democracy, the law when passed makes the possession, screening, sale and distribution of any film banned by Animalia illegal and punishable by either a fine or imprisonment. Though Gilberto enjoys the real resistance even more he somehow enjoys the previous resistance groups because these groups are so spectacularly incompetent and depend on the resistance so much, this is further escalated when Ayub cuts off aid to the previous resistance groups. To young Junta children he is not bad with them but he is definitely not good with them either and is relatively good with the Junta babies. Though Alexander, Krikor and Sefer are not necessarily very extremely strict Gilberto is a lot more lenient than them and he loves his wife and daughter.

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