Giovanni is an Italian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the leader of the Italian faction of the Junta.


Much like most of the generals be they Bulgarian, Italian, Hungarian or Russian he has plain white fur and the same goes for a lot of the vixens in the Junta most of them from the same country. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie, dark green trousers and a dark green jacket. His colour also earns him the nickname "Icicle". Unlike most animals Giovanni speaks with an accent as he speaks with a very soft Italian accent like a Mafia boss.


Giovanni is well known as he has a very dry sense of humor but also a very cold sense of humor and a very cold character, though he rules like a general and he knows he is in the military he rules like a Mafia boss at times and alongside the Belgian general Phillipe is arguably the darkest general in the Junta.

Much like the Iraqi dog Saddam one of the characteristics about Giovanni is that he doesn't mind killing or torture, the first general that Siad meets is him. Giovanni is often described by his foes to also be very barbaric and sadistic enjoying the torment and agony his generals cause Siad.

Even though he is the darkest general in the Junta he is rather compassionate towards Vincente's daughter Bella and his sons Antonio and Sebastiano, Leopoldo's sons Basilio, Guillermo and his daughter Isabella and Fructuoso's son Santiago and daughter Josefina, but even his compassion scares the babies and Guillermo who is about two years old when he is introduced to the Junta. Though Giovanni hates his enemies he eventually cares for them as well as his allies and also the vixens of the Junta regardless of nationality.

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