Giuseppe is an Italian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the right hand man of Giovanni.


He has red fur with a white underbelly and has the distinction of having a green face. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he is the most formally dressed in the Italian faction. He wears a white shirt, a dark blue tie, black trousers and a black jacket.


Giuseppe often sees the Junta using extravagant cars such as Rolls Royces as a bit too flamboyant if not too flamboyant but at the same time he prefers to use these types of cars than most modern cars seeing them as much more simple to use and less flashy. Like his associates he carries out orders without question and though he is Giovanni's right hand man and free to sit in the passenger seat he prefers to sit at the back when travelling with Silvio and Mario and though he is a general he is also regarded as a mobster.

There is also a reason why Silvio chooses him to keep other Junta members on the go is because he knows how to handle machine guns both on a mount and submachine guns, as such he is regarded as one of the most sophisticated generals in the Junta. It is this that also leads to him being described as one of the most sophisticated generals in the Junta and will do anything to keep his allies on the go. He is shown to be frequent allies with Mario at times and for a right hand man is rather secretive, Giuseppe also has quick reactions but his reflexes prove to be his greatest flaw hence why someone be it a soldier or another general is advised to be with him when it comes to machine guns as sometimes he can dismantle a stand so quickly it ends up locking and he also cannot run with a stand in one hand and a machine gun in the other so the soldier or whoever is with him is advised to help him take the stand down and help with the gun. His agility is also better when he carries the stand than when he carries the gun or when he is running with the gun fixed hence why he prefers to get to where he needs to be and assemble the gun from there. But despite this he remains loyal to Giovanni to the end.

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