Gjorge is a Macedonian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Ljube's left hand man serving with Johan.


He has red fur with a yellow underbelly and a red-yellow face which gives his face a distinctive paint like tinge. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he is the only Macedonian plainclothes general as he wears an orange sweatshirt, a light blue jacket and light blue trousers.


By looking at him Lazar describes Gjorge as "someone who is reliable and a fox you can trust." and among those who know him well this fits perfectly in his personality, like Valko he is an expert at electronics and cars and it is this that he uses to his own advantage in sabotage, in the words of Ljube he has "a dangerous job" moving troops through Germany especially when they decide to travel faster which causes concern from Maja and other German civilians but despite this though there are no casualties on the troops but they are just badly shaken.

There will also be times when he can get safety conscious which causes irritation with Johan who may be safety conscious but not as safety conscious as Gjorge can get. But once he gets on the road he is perfectly fine and relaxed. Gjorge is a trusted ally but his trust is also something that his enemies do not tend to look for as they often trust him too much and fail to realise that he has sabotaged something, compared to the much more patriotic Metodija Gjorge is generally considered to be a lot more rational and serious and a whole lot more serious as well than the Montenegrin general Veselin. His trust and reliability also lead to Gjorge being one of the most popular generals in the Fox Junta alongside Stefan, Veselin and a few others.

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