Gopalaswamy is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia.


He is an anthropomorphic Beauceron and is often regarded as the most disfigured and disheveled member of the resistance mainly after the civil war because he is shown to be a lot more disfigured than Vinayagamoorthy, he wears light green and brown tigerstripe patterned trousers and short sleeved shirt with a led red burn patch on his left arm, his left trouser leg burned away and a large burned area on his right upper thigh with a large brown crusted patch on his shin like a large scab, with the whole of his right leg being white and a large bald patch on his left arm which starts from his wrist and ends at his elbows. When he undergoes ice treatment at hospital these red patches go blue.


Vinayagamoorthy is not exactly cowardly as such but Gopalaswamy is shown to be a lot more brave than him being able to tolerate extreme heat more than his colleague approaching charred vehicles to discover in some cases the dead bodies of the crew, to make it even more horrifying most of the deceased on board three refugee craft are children as well as adults. Like others he remains proud of the L.O.A and his leader believing the organization genuinely cares for him after he gets put in hospital which they do as many members frequently visit him.

In the dream world he befriends Carmen but in the real world he befriends another vixen involved with the Fox Junta that being the Slovak vixen Silvia, though the Animalian Patriotic Front and the Fox Junta flee to Argentina after the coup Gopalaswamy finds his allies to be also brave however he offends Silvia by saying "Everyone you see in this hospital now is a brave fighter" which she immediately assumes that because her husband is not with her that Stefan is cowardly which he isn't.

Though he too suffers heatstroke in hospital Gopalaswamy is shown to tolerate the heat more than his colleague, because he is so disfigured Gopalaswamy is virtually crippled when he walks, whilst Vinayagamoorthy calls executed resistance fighters as ghosts he describes them as angels mainly in the dream world one in particular being an L.O.A member who has a close relationship with him: Bagyam who visits him in hospital as a ghost frequently. Like others he remains loyal to Velupillai to the end.

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