Greg also called Gregory is a former soldier involved with the Animalian Junta. Alongside his friend Stevie he also serves as a guard at Trebdanek and later Majlinka.


Of all the soldiers he is one of the most recognizable because whilst most of the males are wolves, hyenas, jackals or coyotes Greg is an African Wild Dog and often wears more relaxed clothing. He wears military trousers and sometimes wears two sets of upper clothing which at times is a black polo shirt and at times is a long sleeved white T-Shirt or a plain sweatshirt.


Despite the fact he is not a psychopath he matches many criteria of one alongside Maria: he puts on a mask of superficial charm or a mask of sanity and has often tried to charm Nala to no avail, he can be very persuasive, cunning and is able to manipulate others to do what they wouldn't normally do, expresses little remorse for what he does in the Junta as well as very shallow emotions but he is able to relate to other members of the Junta only identifying the members of the Junta as "real" and like other members of the Junta (not that all the Junta members are psychopathic) is able to get away with a lot,


During the Night of the Thieves Greg is a participant in the storming of the presidential palace alongside Rhys, Daniel and Stevie. Whilst Rhys and Daniel destroy the rest of the building Stevie and Greg destroy the rest of the palace and destroy their national symbols. He later participates in a fight with Stevie and Simba which escalates to the roof where Daniel and Rhys later take part in. For the duration of the dictatorship Greg acts as Simba's supervisor until a rebellion where the former soldier flees but he is extradited to Animalia and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Today he lives in Animalia.

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