Guntis is a Latvian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Andris's right hand man.


Compared to most generals in the Latvian faction his fur is white but it has a burgundy tinge to it especially on his underbelly where it is more common. On his face he also has bright red facial markings. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie, black trousers and a dark green army jacket.


Guntis is not only a very strong fox but he is also a very warlike one always wanting to pick a fight especially on stage which he loses with Andris who gets him when he doesn't expect it, but more commonly Guntis' favorite punchbag is the Fox Junta's sole male prisoner Siad commonly beating him with a bullwhip. His warlike nature also means that he often no prisoners but shows a deep chivalry towards females capturing only female enemies as prisoners. If male prisoners meet him then they are knee deep in trouble and fear for their lives because many prisoners who are male and end up with Guntis end up dead and this is ultimately Siad's fate.

He is also compared to a member of the Taliban police by Dace because of his violent treatment of prisoners and also repressive treatment of prisoners but nonetheless he shows great respect towards female allies, but he is also compared to a Taliban member because of his violence nonetheless he enjoys watching the babies getting hurt/scared/startled showing as much compassion to the babies as Alberts, very little. Guntis often calls the babies "gormless" especially when they have no dummy to suck because they look at other animals wide eyed with a typical "baby look". Unlike the much more cruel, barbaric and inhumane Alberts Guntis commonly prefers to beat Siad using a bullwhip and also has the honors of finishing of Siad once he has been posthumously executed he says "A waste of resources. The weak only serve to benefit the strong" showing a fiercely darwinistic streak in his personality"

Unlike Ali who is startled by Santiago who fidgets Guntis loves the babies fidgeting and also loves them crying more than the Lithuanian general Antanas. On the babies crying Guntis says "I love how they cry for sympathy" and because of his dislike of babies he is better with young Junta children than the babies.

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