Gurbansoltan is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army. She is also the wife of Animalian politician Panteleimon having first met him in Turkmenistan before they joined their organizations.  The coyote is not to be confused with the collaborator of the same name.


She is an anthropomorphic Coyote and alongside Shantia is probably one of the most unique fighters in the D.A.P.R.A as she is a coyote while Shantia is a lioness, the pair are unique because most of the resistance, if not a large amount of the resistance, are composed of dogs.

Gurbansoltan also has a unique distinction of meeting a future member of the Animalian Patriotic Front in her past rather than working for one like Nadira in the Mujahideen did when she was with Ahmed, Saddam and their associates in Iraq. In Turkemenistan when she meets Panteleimon, she simply wears a white hospital gown and goes barefoot with a scar on her face but in the D.A.P.R.A, she wears a black abaya and head-dress with black sandals.


Compared to her allies, Gurbansoltan was known to be sympathetic in her early days such as when she met Panteleimon showing some concern for him when he ended up in Ashgabat Hospital following a plane crash but when she gets into the D.A.P.R.A, she becomes a whole lot more disciplined. It is also said that she prefers to be in a group where she can wear what she likes rather than a uniform which is said to be a reason why she joins the D.A.P.R.A.

It is also said that she enjoys collaborating among the Animalian military students and it is this that sparks something in Gurbansoltan which more than likely comes from one its new members, possibly Lamia who loves to humiliate male collaborators of the Junta. She also says that when she humiliates male collaborators, she loved it with a passion. Behind this facade however, she does eventually accept arrest.

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