Gustavs is a Latvian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Andris' left hand man.


Unlike his boss who has burgundy like fur Gustavs has proper burgundy fur with the only white part of him being his face whilst his underbelly is red. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, dark green trousers and a dark green-blue army jacket with dark green shoulder pads.


Gustavs never hesitates to use physical strength to bring enemies down and most of the time he succeeds in doing so with the sole exception being Andris on stage, but despite this he serves Andris just as well as other right and left hand generals such as Leonid to Vladimir and Joaquin to Mauricio. He also shows little care or compassion to the Junta babies as much as Luiz but at least he shows more compassion to them than any normal baby, but it doesn't alter the fact that he often believes the babies only act cute for show even though very few allies find them cute with the exception being sometimes their own parents.

But despite the fact he believes the babies act cute for show he still respects the babies' parents Fructuoso and Lucia who do believe there is a sense of innocence in them, this is also a constant feeling towards many allies of the Junta, not that the babies are cute but that they are innocent. However Gustavs is just as fearsome as his boss and though he enjoys the babies he does not enjoy them much. He is often regarded as one of the most determined allies of the opposition against Mechanikat inside the Fox Junta (not that anyone isn't determined), even on stage he shows determination trying to bring Andris down which fails. Though he is Latvian he is said to have a British sense of humour being more cynical and awkward almost as much as the Romanian vixen Elena. Unlike Elena though Gustavs enjoys scaring the babies and also saying they are just like any normal baby.

Gustavs is also said to be very chaotic enjoying watching the frantic nature of the "unrest" between the Fox Junta and the National Protection Process when children are separated from parents and more see it as a kidnapping than those who have no children, he also loves seeing the babies scream their heads off as they are put on a bus and sent to the Teatro del Libertador del Saint Martin, Guntis also says that Gustavs "doesn't just dislike Josefina and Santiago but hates them" though Gustavs never hurts the babies he is shown to be better with young Junta children than Santiago and Josefina, a lot better.

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