Hafez is an Animalian politician and former Ba'ath party official and general currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was name after former Syrian dictator Hafez al Assad


He is an anthropomorphic Labrador Retriever despite the fact Labradors do not originate from Syria and the same goes for other Arab dogs. Though their breed does not originate from their country they still appear as breeds that originate elsewhere usually England e.g. Saddam is Iraqi but he is an English Mastiff. Unlike most members of the A.P.F who wear three sets of clothing: one for their military days on duty and one off duty and one in their government days Hafez wears two sets. In his Ba'ath days he wears a white shirt, a blue jacket, a black tie and blue trousers and in his government days his shirt is blue, his jacket and trousers are black and his tie is dark blue. In his military days his shirt is white, his tie is black and his trousers and jacket are dark blue.


Hafez is shown to be a ruthless and devious leader and basically he is a killer, he likes to kill and likes to intimidate enemies. At first he considers promptly executing Siad but his pain loving streak gets the better of him and Hafez has the lion tortured. Much like the Bolivian fox Hugo he decides against the idea of having a defense for the lion and constantly pressures Charlie, Roberto and Jorge to dissolve the defense until they give in eventually. Much like the Serbian general Slobodan and the German general Heinrich he has a bad temper and is quick to anger.

He is shown to be a good leader though and leads the Arab dogs from their original countries into Egypt then into Animalia alongside his old friend Asma and though she is not his wife or his girlfriend he is very protective of her. Despite his hardcore personality the Uruguayan vixen Lucia says there is something about his personality that makes her children see him as a grandfather. Cristina and the Italian vixen Maria also say the same thing about Hafez because though in Cristina's case Basilio and Isabella don't see him as one Guillermo sees him as a grandfather when the A.P.F meet the Fox Junta. Brainy also says there is an aura of grandfatherliness in Hafez as well and so do the older Junta children and virtually every one in the Fox Junta say that he has an aura of fatherliness and he has the aura of a grandfather. In his government days though he manages to settle down.

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