Hafizullah Amin

Hafizullah Amin was the second Communist leader of Afghanistan then the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. He assumed the post by ordering the murder of then deposed leader Nur Muhammad Taraki who helped him create the Republic as part of one of the leading organisers of the Saur Revolution which overthrew the government of Mohammad Daoud Khan.

The revolt against communist rule which had begun under Taraki worsened under Amin, and was a problem that his government was unable to solve. The Soviet Union, which alleged that Amin was an agent of the CIA, intervened in Afghanistan on behalf of the Twenty-Year Treaty of Friendship between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. Amin was assassinated by the Soviets in December 1979 as part of Operation Storm-333, having ruled for slightly longer than three months. The character Hafizullah is named after him.

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