Haidar is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore and is one of the Yemeni dogs to have the unique distinction of being a French breed, in his soldier days he wears a white keffiyeh, a blue thawb, a blue azar and a black agal whilst in his government time he wears traditional Arab robes, a brown bisht and a white turban.


Haidar is regarded as mostly Anti-Western for its portrayal of Arabs and Muslims both men and women, he is also regarded as a traditionalist at times and the standard Yemeni greatly disliking Shimon, Baruch, Moshe and Yigal who are Israeli and they dislike him. Like Abdullah, Faraj and Muhammed he co-operates with Ali through his time before the A.P.F, by the Israeli dogs he becomes gradually liked but it is believed he is liked the most by Shimon who is regarded as the most Anti-Arab Israeli dog in the A.P.F.

Owing to the fact Ahmed and Ali do not take part in bringing Sonya into Animalia after she is put in the refuge of three Iraqi agents Rana, Hala and Raghdad he sees them as Arab versions of villains kept in the shadows mostly Ernst Stavro Blofeld and is both astounded and fascinated to learn that one of his allies is a Jihadist supporter and compared to most Arab dogs has a relatively healthy sense of humour but is equally quick to jump on the arts bandwagon with one of his closest friends Faraj at times though Haidar is generally considered more serious than him in Argentina at times and is even more serious in his government time.

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