Hala is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She was named after a daughter of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein


She is an anthropomorphic Curly Coated Retriever even though she is Iraqi however most Asian dogs are English breeds be they Syrian, Uzbek, Kazakh or in some cases Pakistani. In her soldier days she is described as quite "the perfect warrior" as she wears traditional Islamic robes, a white sirwal, a red head-dress and cloak, a brown belt with a gun holster which also holds a gun and black boots which some say is ideal for desert warfare. In her government time she keeps her soldier clothing but discards her cloak and belt.


Just as many other female dogs treat each other like sisters Hala treats fellow Iraqi dogs Rana and Raghdad as sisters, just as Stanislaw treats Zofia and Krystyna like daughters and Silviu treats Ioana and Maria like daughters Saddam not only treats her, Rana and Raghdad as sisters but also treats fellow Iraqi dog Ahmed like a brother just as Panteleimon, Shavkat, Kokhir and Shaymardan treat each other like brothers. Because she carries a gun it is absolutely no surprise that Hala is very experienced in firearms but she is also an expert in terrorism and also hostage taking, she is said to have taken three hostages during Mechanikat's coup but was forced to hand them over at gunpoint.

As well as terrorism she is also very skilled at torture and humiliation as much as anyone else be they an ally or an enemy. Not only does she treat the other female Iraqi dogs like sisters but she is very defensive of them as they are of her, she also enjoys the paranormal and as a result enjoys Hafizullah's ghost stories which often originate from visits to Scotland and England however though she enjoys Hafizullah's stories Hala is very critical of Europe, why she is though is not clear but it may have something to do with her belief that Europe persecutes Arabs, to her though Rana and Raghdad are not only sisters but she also treats them and other female dogs with great, great care be they an actual member of the organization like Lydia or Yuliyana or an agent like Nina or Asma.

Even though she is critical of Europe she still respects allies from Europe such as Jovanka and Erich, though only three young Junta children are European she is very good with young Junta children as well as the sole European Junta baby Valerie when she first meets her but when she meets the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago for the first time they show general curiosity in her and some of the other members of the A.P.F even though the A.P.F's agents are very cautious around them. In her government time Hala has very little change.

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