Not to be confused with the torturer of the same name

Hanna is a Ukranian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Junta general Viktor and his wife Lyudmilla.


Of all the Junta children Hanna is arguably the darkest of them all but at the same time is the most adventurous. She is an anthropomorphic vixen being around the age of 15 or 16 with the same colour fur as her parents and like Laimdota Hanna's clothing makes her stand out. She wears a black vest, black leggings and a black leather jacket and though she goes barefoot she is more commonly seen wearing boots. On the occasion she also wears black leather gloves giving her the name "Black Beauty". As well as her native Ukranian Hanna speaks English, Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.


Like another older Junta child Laimdota Hanna is a very adventurous and fun loving character but she is much calmer than the Latvian vixen is. Nonetheless she does have an authority questioning streak about her personality and is a rebellious and aggressive character. Hanna is also involved in the humiliation of the Junta torturers Olivia and Rachel and mainly mocks and taunts them. She also on the occasion patronizes them showing she has a manipulative and cruel streak to her personality. Nevertheless Hanna is a friendly character and is close to the Junta girls' leaders Natalya, Stanislava and Lana and is also good with younger children in the Junta.

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