Heinrich is a German fox involved with the Fox Junta and the leader of the German faction.


He was named after the SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.


Much like most foxes most of them children such as Bold and Friendly he has orange fur with a white underbelly and green eyes. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a dark green jacket, a black tie and black trousers and like other male animals he goes barefoot.


Heinrich is a good leader but he has a very bad temper often quick in a rage and is often said by Herbert to be the type who would shoot first and ask questions later. Though his temper does not alienate him from his allies or the other German foxes which are Herbert's wife Herta who is actually Austrian and his son Alfred it does alienate him from young Junta children particularly of Leopoldo's daughter Isabella as well as the Junta babies. Half the time Heinrich's rage is absolutely serious but on stage it is surprisingly funny to young Junta children, Santiago also starts laughing when he sees him on the stage.

He is also very, very chivalrous being friendly with not only the Austrian vixen Herta or other vixens in the Junta but he is also friendly with the Junta's sole female dog Brainy Barker but not at first with his enemies saying "Enemies do not deserve respect" however he later regrets this statement. As well as being extremely bad tempered, much like the Peruvian general Alberto's son Vladimiro Heinrich is a very over dramatic character which also amuses the younger Junta children and some of the older Junta children as well. Putting his temper aside Heinrich is arguably the most difficult general as most of the time he can be in a fiery rage but other times he can be the most friendly general in the Junta. No matter how funny the Junta babies find Heinrich though he does scare them at first.