Helen is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic English Cocker Spaniel who is arguably the most seductive member of the organization. She wears a series of leather outfits but primarily wears a black and red leather outfit with black leather trousers and black boots. Her boots are either knee length or over her knees.


Helen is the second in command of the women's wing of the Animalian Union which leads to a power loving personality and as a result is very deceiving. She acknowledges no defeat until the end of the Junta years when she is arrested. But she is also the head of the Junta police which mainly consists of female members of the Junta or collaborators, senior members wear uniform whilst collaborators in the police do not.

In particular with enemies she is very cruel to the Latvian vixen Laimdota keeping her chained up though not exactly degrading her as she does to other enemies, her love of power also makes Helen a usurper but accepts her place in power. She can be very alluring and seductive but not only is she cruel to Laimdota but to enemies in general in particular female ones. Helen is also not without frustration as she is often frustrated with Moira because of her more sympathetic personality and the fact she does not wear as formal clothing as the rest of the Union.

Much like other members of the Junta Helen often sees Mechanikat as a savior who saved Animalia from Mufasa's rule. Not only is Helen cruel to Laimdota but also is cruel to Brainy as well as other female dogs in the Animalian Patriotic Front. On trial though she expresses her fall from grace.

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