Helena is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic English Springer Spaniel and it could be argued that she really lives up to her aristocratic life of all the Junta's allies however the Animalian Junta members are prohibited to change their clothing but it doesn't really stop them from moving on up in the class world. In Helena's case she wears a black knee length skirt, black character shoes, knee highs, a white long sleeved blouse, long white gloves and a black wide brimmed hat. Though Helena enjoys her aristocratic life she takes great care along with the rest of the Junta's allies not to overdo it.


Helena is shown to be quite the opportunist taking whatever she can both in loot and chance during the Night of the Thieves and compared to Lily she loves the high life which makes her arrogant. Very, very arrogant looking down on enemies in particular those in poverty some of them made homeless by the Animalian Genocide which ultimately proves her cruel and sarcastic nature.

Like one of her aides the Sheriff of Nottingham she is completely unsympathetic to starving Animalians cutting off aid to them. It is also a good thing that the Fox Junta and their allies are middle class because if they were lower class and in Mechanikat's Animalia then they would have died due to Helena's great darwinism, when she is asked if she will apologize for causing the deaths of starving Animalians she says "Only higher and middle class deserve food and comfort.", she also sees to it that even before and after the Animalian genocide that executions be they by hangings, lynchings or firing squads are absolutely common. To prisoners she is a sadist and a fearmonger also enjoying the trial and execution of one of those foolish enough to cry dramatically at Siad's execution.

But even the upper class in Mufasa's reign are not safe from Helena as she has the former high life Animalians executed, she is also rather patronizing especially to younger children which earns her a reputation as one of the most hated enemies of the general public making sure enemies never live again, she also destroys anyone who dares to cross her path to power and is one of the most active members of the A.N.S.U. On trial she shows little remorse for her actions, she shows a bit but not as much as Lily or a few others.

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