Herbert is a German fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Herta and the father of Alfred.


He is often described as being much like his son as father and son have the same colours the only difference being that Herbert has a black tail but also has a blacker tinge to his fur than Alfred. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a grey Marshall jacket and grey trousers.


Unlike his boss Heinrich who is bad tempered Herbert is shown to be the Old Deuteronomy of the German and Austrian generals, he's always often holding his arms out to which his wife says is better than running around flailing his arms around, also he is more good tempered and like the Kazakh dog Panteleimon he shows little emotion when he speaks. But when he speaks in a way of addressing the other generals Herbert uses a lot of wide gestures and more relaxed than Heinrich's. This does not imply that Heinrich is unintelligent because as his allies and enemies know he is a fairly smart fox.

He can be rather nostalgic and though he does not reminiscence about his past life he does enjoy the charm of the dream world as well as old style films from the 1940s in Technicolor to about the 1980s or so, much like the Junta's leader Roberto he also appreviates the beauty of Eastern Architecture both in the Arab World to around the area of China, Cambodia, Vietnam etc, He especially enjoys the charm of Technicolor and black and white which his son also experiences and so does he. In battle though Herbert is very shrewd, devious, calculating and skilled who's skill strikes fear into his enemies much like the Russian general Sergei. But even his fearsomeness carries to young Junta children and also the Junta babies, both of which start crying after their mother Lucia show them off to the rest of the Junta. All in all Herbert is a good leader and enjoys friendships with other members of the Junta and also loves his wife and son.

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