Heriberto is a Mexican fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Angelica and the father of Monica as well as the leader of the Mexican faction of the Junta.


He was named after Mexican drug lord Heriberto Lazcano.


Much like any normal fox he has red fur but in comparison to most foxes in the Junta and Not in the Junta he has a green underbelly and a white face, his underbelly being green often gives the belief he is either Italian or Bolivian at times. His underbelly also has a white tinge to it just like the Serbian general Dragutin has  blue tinge to his fur. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, black trousers and a grey Marshall jacket.


Though he is as disciplined as the Bolivian general Hugo Heriberto is not as strict as him but he is still rather strict on his daughter just as Hugo is strict on Lidia his daughter. Much like the Bolivian general he is intolerant of cowardice and though he is Mexican he has parallels to a British army general. At first he is completely unsympathetic to the Junta babies when he first meets them taking no responsibility when he scares them as well as having a very dry sense of humour.

He can be rather favouritistic and nationalistic being completely heartles to the Junta babies because they are Uruguayan as well as it's sole kitten being adoptive French yet enjoys Gregorio's personality on stage because he is Mexican. Despite the fact he is strict on Monica he actually does love his daughter, as well as this despite the fact the U.K is allies with the U.S Heriberto condemns it mainly for Horrid Henry or it's T.V version for some reason however he is not as condemning of the West as most of the Junta's allies. He also respects Roberto, Jorge and the rest of the Junta's allies regardless of nationality. He is also very chivalrous to allies and eventually enemies of the Junta. Though he is hartless of the Junta babies when he first meets them he eventually comes to like them and enjoys watching them hurt themselves of get scared or startled, unlike most allies who criticize the U.S Heriberto does so for "imbeciles" which is never explained what is meant by this. His xenophobic personality often comes in often calling the Junta babies "true" babies as well as some others because "they actually cry whilst others snivel" But aside from his xenophobic personality he is respected by his allies and loves his wife and daughter.

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