Hermann is a German fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Heinrich's right hand man.


He was named after Hermann Goring


He is arguably the most recognizable general in the German faction as he has yellow red fur with black hands and a grey tail. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he dresses like Martin Bormann in The Death of Adolf Hitler, his clothing is a white shirt, a beige jacket, black trousers and a black tie.


Just as Vulko is close to Todor and Augusto is close to Roberto Hermann is shown to be very close to Heinrich but there is a side to him that others may not like as he comes across to enemies as slippery in spite of this being a facade though not entirely sycophantic or cowardly because as his enemies know he is a very brave fox as are many of the Junta's allies or enemies. Much like the Italian general Giovanni Hermann has a very dry sense of humor and not only is he very close to Heinrich but he is also very loyal to him.

Herta says that he shares many parallels with Shere Khan because of his personality and dry humour but also has parallels with Jafar because he is a very mysterious but also very respectable and respected by the Junta not to mention he is very mysterious and self confident. Interestingly enough he also shares much in common with Oswald except that Hermann is not at all nationalistic.

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